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List Of Veg Dishes

There is such a great variety of vegetables available in the market that one can try different ways to cook them and never get bored. Here you will find all the veg recipes of american dishes. If you are looking to learn all the given recipes join us at Royal Cooking Institute Bhogpur.

      • Veg. Noodles
      • Veg. Choupsey
      • Veg. Manchurian Dry
      • Veg. Manchurian Gravy
      • Cheese Chilly
      • Veg. Spring Role
      • Crispy Veg
      • Veg. Fried Rice
      • Mushroom Chilly
      • Cheese Garlic
      • Tomato Soup
      • Veg. Man-chow Soup
      • Cream of Veg. Soup
      • Tomato Shorwa
      • Veg Bullets
      • Cheese Finger
      • Veg Cream Pasta

List Of Non-Veg Dishes

After completing these professional courses, one shall be able to earn in the vicinity of their own home/shop with very minimum investment. Royal Cooking Institute is unique , up to date and industry relevant with innovation and new technologies. Focus its academic program to the future needs of culinary industry. If you want to learn these dishes Join our Chines Non-Veg Course.

      • Ch, Noodles
      • Ch, ChopSuey
      • Ch, Spring Role
      • Ch, Fried Rice
      • Ch, Garlic Hot-Sour
      • Chicken Soup
      • Ch, Man-chow Soup
      • Cream Chicken
      • Mutton Chilly
      • Egg Chilly
      • Fish Chilly
      • Chicken Shorba
      • Chicken Bullets
      • Ch, Manchurian
      • Chicken Chilly
      • Lemon Chicken


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